Yoga and its benefit

Yoga is a very ancient physical and mental practice originated in India. In today’s fast paced world, it is very important that we keep our mind, body and soul aligned. Consistent practice of Yoga leads to numerous benefits in our everyday lives.

The Trending Types of Yoga for This Season

  • Hatha: It is the best type for beginners. It requires one to perform slower-paced movements in comparison to other types.
  • Ashtanga: It is a physically challenging style made up of a fixed sequence of poses that requires the practitioner to have strength and endurance.
  • Vinyasa: Each pose is held for a short duration of time and requires fast-paced movements.
  • Yin: It involves super slow-paced movements. It helps develop inner peace and flexibility.It is the best type of yoga for all practitioners from beginners to experience.
  • Kundalini: It involves a lot of meditation, chanting, and breathing exercises. It is more than a workout. It is physically and mentally challenging.

There are many more types of yoga such as Power, restorative, prenatal, Bhakti, etc. 

Yoga for mind

  • Yoga has been proven to sharpen mental focus and stay calm under stressful and frustrating situations. It adds more of sensibility and improves the way a human mind functions.
  • This practice which includes focusing on one’s breathing and gentle movements brings in a sense of calm.
  • It also enhances one’s quality of living by improving the way one thinks and makes decisions.

Yoga for body

Yoga and its benefit

  • Yoga stretches are believed to reduce an individual’s fatigue and tiredness by improving heart rate and supplying oxygen rich blood to muscles and organs.
  • One will improve their body balance with consistent Yoga practice which is important in old age.
  • The body will improve its flexibility which leads to lower chances of injury.
  • Practicing yoga everyday will lead to improved circadian sleep cycle and sleep quality.

Yoga for soul

  • Yoga has an indirect positive effect on our relationships.
  • It’s a tool that can be very helpful during our hardship phases in our lives.
  • Indeed, yoga improves our coping mechanism in our day-to-day activities.

We can conclude by saying that, Yoga is a way of living for many and for many it is an escape from reality for some time in their day which will help them to face their realities better. This practice comes with added benefits which last for a life time. Humans for ages have been practicing this way of lifestyle and today we have 21st of June when we celebrate Yoga and spread awareness around the world of its benefits.