Among India’s most valued and well-liked film styles is Romantic Telugu movies . Audiences can see the brand-new Telugu movies. Telugu movies have belonged of Indian culture for a very long time. Many people appreciate these films for their high emotional quotient. In Telugu films, there are individuals of every ages. Some, also numerous toddlers enjoy viewing these films. This post will certainly cover some of the most preferred Telugu movies you can watch with your children.

Trending Telugu Movies to see


The leading Telugu motion pictures that can enhance your state of mind are marked down listed below:

Urvasivo Rakshasivo:

Below, the story depicts a simple and family-oriented software developer named Sree Kumar, a function played by Allu Sirish loves Siri, whose duty is played by Anu Emmanuel), a very contemporary and career-focused girl. In general, Urvashivo Rakshasivo has actually been a well-crafted funny film. The major staminas and things that youngsters will certainly take pleasure in consist of good funny, love, and lighthearted family drama.
Except for the 2nd half, this motion picture has enough good minutes for customers to try and take pleasure in the weekend. Sree has been making a great deal of initiative and eventually wins her over. Siri proposes for a live-in relationship in response to his marital relationship proposition. The rest of the story concentrates on how a straightforward man manages his live-in love and his traditional family. The tale’s conflict appears engaging and appropriate to the present age.
The most effective part is just how supervisor Rakesh dealt with this element and maintained the target market’s feelings according to the story. Amani and Kedar Shankar, the role being represented by Sirish’s moms and dads, are impressive. Despite The Fact That Anu Emmanuel describes a role with dark touches, she stands out. One of the biggest positives of the flick is her attractive treat.
She has succeeded as a woman who is concentrated on her job. Situational humour abounds in the movie theater thanks to Vennela Kishore and Sunil, that do not disappoint the audience. They contribute to Sirish’s happy vibe, which permeates the whole flick.

18 Pages:
A narrative that covers 18 web pages is centred on Nikhil Siddharth’s representation of Sidhu, a software program developer, and Anupama Parameswaran’s representation of Nandhini. Sidhu, that loves one more woman, gets betrayed by her. On the other hand, when he is down, Siddhu locates Nandini’s diary. Siddhu begins reading it and gradually expands keen on her. The story drastically transforms when Siddhu looks for to satisfy Nandhini after uncovering various remarkable details regarding her. There are queries, such as whether he has made her feel unique to him. The film’s central theme is this.

In addition, 18 Pages informs a good love story that attract audiences. The two main figures are providing remarkable efficiencies. It’s amazing that the motion picture often keeps a pleasant tone. The movie, nevertheless, produces an excellent watch this weekend break if one can get over the second half’s loved one slowness and the repetitive recall scenes. In the beginning, Anupama’s character has a dramatic aspect, however she lastly sounds totally predictable.

In terms of the flick’s instructions, Surya Pratap did a reputable job. Although he effectively made the lead couple their finest selves, he can have been a little bit extra cautious with the thriller and a few essential scenes. A feel-good tale composed by director Sukumar bears several of his trademark minutes.

Final Thought:
We hope you appreciated our article concerning Telugu motion pictures. Telugu enchanting motion pictures have a lengthy history of being an essential part of the Indian social landscape, and their films have actually been incredibly significant for their narration and world-building. With an estimated 55,000 films produced given that 1930, Telugu films are a treasure for Indian and curious movie fans worldwide. Telugu films are not typically acknowledged in world movie theater, as these movies are typically identified as “B” movies.

Typically, these films are usually forgotten in film festivals, however with raising appeal in the last couple of years, this is gradually transforming. As the variety of movies created in Telugu rises, so do the opportunities for international film lovers to see a Telugu movie. For better experience take aha subscription for the latest Telugu movies and web series.


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